Sunday, September 1, 2013

1st VeganMofo post: Vegan food has come a long way

Today begins VeganMofo, a month-long celebration of vegan food brought to you by bloggers from all over the world. Although I doubt I will be able to get a post up every day of this month, I'm giving it it a shot.

So we here go.

I have been vegan for 17 years. I became vegan in Norfolk, VA after getting out of the military and getting to know a little bit about animal rights, realizing I did not want any part in animal suffering.

I went to vegan potlucks and bought vegan cookbooks. There was no huge community of vegan folk and vegan bloggers online back then so I basically learned from people I met.

It wasn't always easy or fun. The token vegan offering at restaurants, if they had one, was a portobello mushroom sandwich. This is why I am not really into them these days, although I must say Larkburger's Amy Burger is quite delicious.

Kale? No clue.

Swiss chard? Seriously?

Cashew cheese? In ten years or so but not then.

Hundreds of vegan cookbooks? Hardly, and anything like we have now.

My first big deal cooking experience with a vegan dish was a tofu loaf. Oh yes, the good ol' tofu loaf.

I have to say it was good.

My have times changed.

Vegan food rocks. Vegan food is why I love being vegan. In 2013 there are just so many choices, flavors, textures, experiences and recipes that one cannot possibly get bored.

Happy VeganMofu. I hope you enjoy this month-long experiment with me. To check out what other bloggers are writing about during VeganMofo, click here:

Thanks for reading!

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