Favorite Denver eateries

If you are visiting Denver or live here and want to try out places we love, here you go! These are places that we frequent with friends, family or our favorite, date nights! They all meet our personal standards of having amazing vegan food, great service, and they honor us as a couple. No real order, except that the first few are our favorites. 


Linger is by far our favorite place to eat. Linger is not exclusively vegan but has some of the best vegan food around. They serve tapa style, with dishes from around the world. Mike likes their bar selection. Their vegan dessert is out of this world. The service is beyond incredible and friendly. Reservations are highly recommended.



The best vegan Mexican food in the state! Tarascos already had a full page of veg options and we simply asked if they could do vegan. Amazing. Since everything is done to order practically the entire veg menu can be done vegan. My favorite are the enchiladas espinicas (spinach) but everything I have had is delish. Try the grilled cactus if you never have. And be sure to order a jugo natural, a fresh juice!

No web site.

470 South Federal Blvd. in Denver
Hours (as of this writing) are everyday from 10am - 10pm

Native Foods Cafe

Opened in Denver in October of 2013 and we have LOVED them in Boulder, Palm Springs and especially Encinitas (which in our experience has been our favorite). All vegan, lots of options. My favorite was the Soul Bowl but that currently is not on the menu. Great for date night or with a bunch of people you love!


14650 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood

Root Down

Owned and created by the same team that is at Linger, we like to go to Root Down for more special occasions (Linger is more like our hang out). The food is delish. Great service. Definitely go all out, including dessert and drinks. Reservations are highly recommended.


Hops & Pie

Vegan pizza! This is our favorite in Denver at the moment. In the Highlands neighborhood so not far for us. The pizza is delish and they offer Daiya and well as vegan meats and tofu. They also have an incredibly flavorful vegan mac n cheese. YES! For you beer lovers, they have something for everyone.

3920 Tennyson St  Denver, CO 80212

Beet Box

All-vegan cafe in Denver, just east of downtown. New, and we have already been there many times. Great place for a treat, or if you want to turn your office mates onto vegan delicacies you can bring a variety of what they offer into the office!

1030 E. 22nd Avenue in Denver

Yak and Yeti

Just northwest of here in Arvada we have come to love this place. New owners or management or something which has taken the spark away from it but the food is still wonderful and the service is good. They have a ton of Indian/Tibetan vegan dishes on their menu, including Mike's favorite, the vegan Chana Saag (the only place we have ever found it vegan!).

Little Ollies

I have been going here for 14 years, ever since I first moved to Denver. The family that owns it is awesome and I have always gotten wonderful vegan food with great service. This is an Asian Bistro so there are a lot of tofu options, all very good.


Nooch Market

We can't talk about food in the Denver area without mentioning our new vegan oasis, Nooch Market. Not a restaurant but for sure a place to stock up on vegan goodies. We totally adore the owners and see great things for them and our community. 


Pho Duy

Delsih vegan pho, just down the street from Tarascos. Yes, we have tested it and asked all of the questions. It's #21 on the menu (double check). Small, medium and large and for me the medium has been more than enough.

No website.

945 South Federal Blvd, Denver

Sweet Action Ice Cream

One of our favorite places and one of our favorite couples! They always have two vegan flavors of ice cream plus at least two vegan sorbets. Check out the freezer for vegan ice cream sandwiches.


WaterCourse Foods

New to this list. They are now 100% vegan and we have been three times in the last two weeks. Great new menu. Service meets our high standards. The cauliflower wings are crazy delicious as is my old favorite, Amsterdam Hash.


Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

This is a chain of restaurants in the Denver area. Love their food, and that all of their vegan options are clearly marked. The hummus is delish, and I usually get a Laffa stuffed with hummus, grilled mushrooms and more! A great example of vegan fast food.



  1. I hadn't heard of a few of these - I'm going to check them out. City O City and Watercourse are wonderful as well!

  2. Hey! Found your site through Tofu Mom. Just wondering why Watercourse didn't make your list? I visited Denver twice and ate there both times and LOVED it! Really wish I had made it to Nooch, though! And the other places on your list. Thanks for sharing this, I'll keep it in mind for my next visit out West.

    1. Hi Jenny. So glad you found us. We live on the west side and promote places that we frequent. We don't really go to WaterCourse that often.

  3. Thanks for the tips! We made it to Linger and Sweet Action while visiting from Dallas. We also had a great gluten-free vegan pizza at City O' City.

  4. Thanks, Dan! Looking forward to trying Linger. You are their best advertizing!

    Nancy Cronk

  5. Hello and thank you for these recommendations. My wife and I just moved here, and found your site by searching for vegan restaurants in Denver. These look fantastic, we are going to Tarasco's tonight, it is literally blocks from our house. Later, I will take the time to review more of your site too, you seem to have the low down on the area.

    1. Awesome! We LOVE Tarascos! Please let me know what you thought!

  6. You want to know how much I loved it? I went 2 days in a row and again yesterday. I am reviewing your other recommendations now, trying to avoid just walking over to Tarascos again. It is the best Mexican food I think I've ever had. It cured my craving for Pancho Villa's and that says a lot.

  7. I grew up in Lakewood! It is cool to see how it has so many vegan options! I was too young when I lived there to appreciate this, as I was an omnivore. I also run a vegan blog over at www.impoverishedvegan.com and would love for you to check it out and maybe help me with some feedback. Thank you!

  8. Can't wait to go back home (we transplanted about 12 years ago) and try out some of these places!! Thanks.

  9. We tried the Yak and the Yeti on E. Hampden and it was AMAZING!

  10. Thanks guys - I've been to almost all of these places and they are all FANTASTIC! Any ideas for Littleton or very south Lakewood? We tend to meet friends their often as they live in Highlands Ranch and we live in Evergreen.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this blog- it's super helpful and informative. Held my interest which is a challenge. :-) Thank you for taking the time to share this information. I'm definitely taking your suggestions on delicious vegan restaurants for myself and my daughter!

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    I am seriously looking for a boyfriend/husband who is 100% drug and smoke and alcohol Free like me and is vegan or VEGETARIAN who lives in southern CALIFORNIA OR is willing to relocate!!!

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