Saturday, August 24, 2013

More dead Egyptians and Syrians

If you watch the national news or read any news-oriented websites you must know that in the last couple of weeks Egypt has exploded in violence that has left over 1,000 dead. In Syria, the death toll from violence since citizens began demanding the ouster of President Assad has added to the tens of thousands already killed by an attack that some say were chemical attacks leaving another 1,000 plus Syrians dead.

In the US, we are being informed about all of this, yet our nation seems to be just standing by and watching.

Believe me, I understand that both situations are complex. I also understand that, even though they won elections fair and square, many people, including many Americans, do not like the Muslim Brotherhood.

I'm also pretty sure that many in the Muslim Brotherhood and some in the Syrian resistance to not care much for gay people.

I am still sickened by all of the death.

Last week I watched as an older man, older than me, stood in front of a tank in Egypt waving his arms in what looked like an effort to stop the tank. Minutes later he was gunned down.

Yesterday I saw the video of bodies lined up in Syria after a supposed chemical attack.

I have always known that there is a lot of hate in this world.

So many viewpoints and so many things to think about.

In the midst of all of this slaughter, I don't even know what to do. Writing about it helps. Having conversation with others helps.

As a blogger who always tries to be a voice for the voiceless, I am a little puzzled. In Egypt a fairly-elected government is in jail, and when their supporters protest, they are shot dead. Yes, many refused to leave encampments, just like many Occupiers in the US refused to leave. And in Syria, how many will have to die?

Yes, both situations are complicated.

And more and more people will continue to die.

Thank you for reading.

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