Saturday, August 10, 2013

Loving Los Angeles

Mike at the Hollywood Farmer's Market
On our way to the beach in Encinitas, CA, we had the awesome chance to spend a few days in LA. We love Los Angeles! Suga joined us for this trip and I think she loved LA too!

Please note that this post is simply to let you know where we went during our two day trip. It does not include full restaurant reviews, just brief snippets.

I guess we all think of different things when it comes to LA. Hollywood, movie stars, palm trees. I think of good, vegan food. And this trip LA did not disappoint.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City. Great hotel and wonderful service. I loved their pool and spent as much time there as I good. Pure relaxation. And they let us bring Suga for an additional $50.00. All well worth it as for us it was the perfect place to relax and go out on food missions from.

The awesome pool at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

Real Food Daily is a staple for me when in LA. Both of us had been there and we went to the West Hollywood location for lunch. They were still serving their weekend brunch so I got the tofu scramble and the French toast. The French toast was the best I have ever had, Mike got the Reuben and he said it was the best Reuben he has ever had. Adam our server was awesome and attentive.

What makes a trip like this even better is being able to spend time with friends. Dinner on Saturday night was with one of my dearest friend Bettina and her husband James. They suggested Shojin and we went to the newer location in Culver City. At first I wasn't all that thrilled as Shojin is a Japanese sushi place. As the food started arriving at our table I was quickly surprised and soon was thrilled to be there.

From texture to taste to service, Shojin gave me a rare food experience and I loved it. If you ever have the opportunity to dine at Shojin, go for it.

Sunday morning we went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market. Definitely don't miss this. We left the hotel at 8am so there was no traffic for the 25 minute drive. The Market is huge, much larger than what we have in Colorado, and there are dozens of options for food and drink. We got to see and taste all sorts of vegetables and fruits and talk with growers about items we have never or rarely seen. The amount of organic produce is what really blew Mike away, and I just loved the immensity of it.

Crossroads was our destination for dinner on Sunday and we were meeting fellow blogger Kristy and her husband Chris for dinner. A new restaurant in West Hollywood and all vegan, we were pretty excited. Crossroads has the feel of a fine dining restaurant and serves small plates. Having just experienced Shojin, my expectations were high. Crossroads delivered, and I think a future trip to LA may or may not include a meal there. The best part of the dining experience was the company, and we were delighted.

Lastly, I just have to tell you about Sun Cafe in Studio City where we ate on our way out of town. What a delight. Great service, incredible food, wonderful atmosphere (we sat outside and Suga was able to join us) with a mix of raw and other options. The server was amazing, and we left smiling for sure.

Oh LA, I sure do love you. As we kept enjoying LA, many of our readers kept sending recommendations. We weren't able to go to even a small fraction of what is offered in LA. All the better for another trip.

Real Food Daily



Keepin it Kind - Kristy's blog

Sun Cafe


  1. Hey guys! Glad you enjoyed your L.A. stay. I'm spending a month of my summer here and truly loving it. (I'm blogging much of it at It's so wonderfully different than my quiet rural life!)

    Went to Sun Café in Studio City for lunch yesterday and I was so impressed. The mac and cheese was amazing as was the sweet kale shake. I always go to Real Food Daily, but Sun Café will be my first stop next time I'm in L.A.

    I like all the farmers' markets here, but I regret not having the chance to go to the Thursday evening Yamashiro farmers' market which had been recommended by Vegetarian Times. There's always next time!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  2. I had the same feelings as you vis a vis Shojin. I wasn't getting jazzed about vegan sushi, but exactly as you described, once the food started arriving, I was in heaven! The aperatif was a nice touch, and one appetizer, which I was supposed to share, I totally ate in its entirety it was sooo good. Can't wait to go back.

    Real Food Daily will always be in my top 5. Best.