Saturday, April 6, 2013

My training continues

I knew signing up to run a half marathon was a crazy idea. Back in high school ( along time ago) a ran  a10K, which is about 6 miles. I think the most I have run since were 1.5 mile runs while in the Navy and maybe a 5K sometime back. I have not run at all in the 12 years or so.

For those of you who, like me just a little while ago, do not know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles.

The half marathon I am running is part of the Colfax Marathon on May 19th.

I know, it's crazy. And the only reason I would ever consider doing something this crazy is to help animals or others without a voice. This time it is for the youth experiencing homelessness we serve at Urban Peak, where I work. I have created a fundraiser out of this crazy idea, hoping to raise $2,000 for the young people we serve.

You might know that crazy people don't like to do thinks alone, so I asked Mike to join me. He is now signed up and training as well.

It is not easy. I have to admit that it is a lot more fun that I thought it would be, but definitely not easy. I have been doing most of my training at Sloan's Lake, a Denver park about a mile from where we live. It's roughly 2.5 miles around the lake and I don't seem to get bored. Lot's of people and lots of dogs. Oh, and geese and ducks. So I am always looking at something.

Last weekend I ran the most I have ever run in my life, 7.22 miles! I couldn't believe! My nephew was with us last weekend. He is an amazing runner. He said that I was within striking distance of the half marathon. That of course made my day.

I have had a couple of short runs since last weekend. Both were tough. Sometimes, like other things in life, it's a struggle. And, like I try to do with everything else in life, I keep my eyes on the prize. The prize is not training or even finishing the half marathon. The prize is being a voice for the voiceless and supporting youth who are in a difficult spot.

After every training run I post a video. They're not pretty. If you'd like to see them my YouTube account is under vegandude.

I have gotten a lot of strength from many of you who are always working to be healthier and more physically fit. I am totally grateful.

More to come. Thank you so much for reading!


  1. You're doing great! I'm training for my second 1/2 marathon, in June in CA. My first was last September, at Disneyland, which I did with my daughter, to show anyone watching that a 55 year old vegan can do amazing things. A friend in the Bay Area was inspired by my antics, and suggested we do the See Jane Run in Alameda. What could I say but yes? Training in high elevation is HARD! You know this in Denver, and I sure feel it at 7,000 Ft here in Taos. But when I get to sea level to do the actual race, it's like I have wings on my feet! All that lovely oxygen! Keep having fun. Cheering you on from here!

  2. Kim! Rock on! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support!

  3. Great work, Dan! Keep it up! I am a vegan cyclist, and I always feel like being fit and being able to perform athletically is good advocacy. We show the world that we are healthy, vibrant and strong. So, while you are technically raising money for the kids--a worthy and valuable goal in itself--I believe that you are advocating for the animals and doing vegan outreach at the same time. What you are doing matters. Remember that when training gets tough.