Monday, April 29, 2013

An all-vegan cafe in Denver - Hello Beet Box!

We have been enjoying Beet Box's tasty vegan delights for over a year now. We met them and fell in love with their baked goods at the first Neat Market here in Denver. Since that moment we eagerly awaited the time we could walk into their establishment, eat vegan treats, and take some home. You see, they were a bakery only, with no store front.

Until two weeks ago.

We are ecstatic!

Brought to us by Mike and Blair, Beet Box is located at 1030 E. 22nd Avenue, just east of downtown Denver. Their hours are 7:00am - 7:00pm daily.

Some of our favorites are their savory quiches, the blueberry/lemon scone, the chocolate croissant and the plain croissants. Yes, vegan croissants. And they rock!

They also make cakes and other special-event items to order. You can check out mroe information about that here:

From their website: We use mostly organic/non-GMO ingredients in all of our foods. We never use artificial food colorings, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils. Our bakery is great for egg and dairy allergies, and we can easily accommodate nut and gluten allergies, too. Please be sure to mention any allergy concerns when placing your order.

I have been there at all different times and have always had several items to choose from. I'm sure that in time it is only going to get better. And Mike and Blair told me that they hope to have breakfast and lunch items soon.

So swing on by and support our newest vegan adventure in town!

Thank you for reading!

PS... I couldn't possibly write a complete post without sharing this list of pastries offered:


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