Monday, July 2, 2012

The road trip continues to Michigan

It's difficult to leave Chicago but the focus of the trip was to visit my family so we had to eventually leave and head to Michigan.

Sometimes I think my family had a harder time dealing with my veganism than my sexuality. They all love my husband and are super supportive of us as a couple. Our veganism is still quite foreign to some of them.

So I was totally surprised when my dad said he would join me for a vegan meal along with my aunt and brother Tyler. So after a quick trip to pay respects to my grandparents and take a tour of the Detroit neighborhood where my dad grew up (along with thousands of other immigrant youth) we headed to the wonderful city of Royal Oak and one of our regular stops, Inn Season. Always great food, although the service could be a little quicker/friendlier. Everyone enjoyed their meals and my dad ate all of his! Of course I left with several vegan desserts to take back for Mike and I to enjoy later!

The Inn Season Cafe is only a few minutes off of I-75 at 11 Mile Road. I highly recommend it!

Something else I would like to pass on is that we found it easy to find a bunch of vegan products at grocery stories, including Kroger, Meijer and VG's. The Kroger in Essexville where my mom lives had a complete section of "natural" goods that included Daiya, Amy's products, vegan milks and ice creams and much more.

One night my dad's wife took us to The Laundry in downtown Fenton. Several vegan options.

Back to more time with family! Thanks for reading. I'll write again soon and share our favorite place so far for vegan food!

Email me if you have any questions about where we ate or comments:

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