Monday, July 23, 2012

Nonviolent action against discrimination

If you are connected to me on Facebook, Twittter, or Pinterest you know that I recently found out about a bakery in my own town told a gay couple this past week that they would not make them a wedding cake.

My first thought was that this could not possibly be true. Don't get me wrong, I am not ignorant to the reality of the world. But in Lakewood, CO.

Within a half hour my friend Drew Wilson (Mile High Gay Guy) spoke with the owner of Master Piece Bakery who confirmed that that would not be serving the gay community.

I was stunned.

I did not want to react with anger, hostility or violence, in my actions or in my words. So I went to my world of social media and I got busy.

First to Yelp. Dozens of people had already posted comments and reviews. I wanted to post something on Yelp for the same reason I am writing this blog: so people who support equality and are against bigotry and discrimination in any form will know not to shop at this bakery.

I then got onto Twitter and Facebook and asked those connected with me there to spread the word.  And boy did they.

As all of this was happening I began to write about nonviolence. For this guy to not want to do business with the gay community, well, that's his right. I doubt I can change his mind. (He has not stated why. His only comment was "use your imagination". What I can do is make sure that we, this amazing community of people who will not accept bigotry and discrimination, will not financially support his business. I will keep telling people about this and keep asking them not to shop there.

And I will ask them to speak out against this in a nonviolent way. No threats of violence, no curse-laden phone calls. Simply saying "I heard about your decision on not making a wedding cake for a gay couple, I'm sickened by that, and I will not shop with you" is just fine.

We can stand our ground and fight the good fight without becoming people we do not want to be.

Now I am hungry for cake. Good, vegan cake. I wish Beet Box would deliver to me right now!

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support. My email is is you would like to email me. If you would like to read Drew's blog about his trip to meet the owner of Master Piece Bakery, click here:


  1. Wonderful post. I agree. I believe in using my money and my voice to show what I believe in. And being nonviolent is essential. There is power in the calm "I do not agree and I will not spend my money here."

  2. Love you Dan! You're my role model. I truly believe that if everyone in the world were more like you, it would be such a much more loving, beautiful place.

  3. Best wishes to David and Charlie for a happy wedding and marriage with a beautiful wedding cake. Thanks for calling this to our attention and for suggesting a non-violent response from your followers – totally makes sense and is in line with vegan ethics/civil rights activism!

  4. Very wonderfully written. I am all for peace and love - and non-violent protest. Thank you for being such a role model. :)

  5. I called the number on Drew's blog and got an automated message that the number has been changed to (303) 763-5754; however that number had an automated message that instructed me to reenter the number in order to leave a message, and that didn't work either. Guess I have to email them.

  6. Looks like most of the comments I saw on there the other day have been removed. I also just read this (below) about how yelp filters reviews. on.

  7. Dang it! This is like across the street from where I work. All of my co-workers are friends with the owners - one of whom has a gay daughter. She won't be happy with this news. Thanks for letting us know Dan.