Thursday, January 12, 2012

You are a superstar

Into the second week of the new year and I have been in touch with readers who have been eating more and more vegan meals this year. As a new vegan, or as someone who is trying to be as vegan as they think they can be at this time, it can be overwhelming at times. It's easy to read vegan websites, magazines, and blogs and see all of these vegan superstars out there. The bigger of a star they seem in your head the smaller your "little" actions might look. Please don't buy into that bs.

I remember sitting with a friend of mine many years ago. She was devastated as a long term relationship was ending, work was beyond crazy, and she felt like she was the worst activist ever as she hadn't had time to do much besides work on her relationship and bust it at work. I told her that she was amazing and that sometimes in this crazy life, we vegan, animal rights activists have to be OK with just being vegan. That can be our big action for the time being. We cannot judge our insides with someone elses outsides, in that people we might look up to as superstar vegan are just as human as we are.

Simply put, in order to be of best service to the billions of animals that suffer every day, we have to take care of ourselves and our family first. I am no good to the voiceless if I have gotten so exhausted, cranky, and judgmental that folks look at me and say no thanks to veganism. What a tragedy that would be for the animals.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and would like ideas that are simple and not all that time consuming, check these out:

Find out who your city council member, state representative, state senator or US Congressman is and send them an email telling them that you're vegan and why. And that you vote.

Go walk a dog at the local shelter. I promote this a lot. As good as it is for the dog, if you're having rough times, it will be amazing for you.

Ask your favorite restaurant to create a Meatless Monday special.

If your local library has a display case, ask them if you can do a vegan display one month. We have done this and it doesn't take a long time yet reaches so many people.

Make a delish vegan dessert for your co-workers. Yum!

Buy a vegan message tshirt from Mercy For Animals, Vegan Outreach, PETA, or Farm Sanctuary and wear it on a walk or to the gym.

Check out one of the many vegan cooking blogs (you can connect from here) and make yourself (or you and a friend/mate) a delish vegan meal.

YOU are the superstar.

Thanks for reading.