Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our beloved Shadow

Our 18 year old Shadow passed away yesterday. We are devastated.

I use this blog as a bridge-builder and to show everyone that we all have more in common than not. If you have ever had an animal companion pass away, you know our grief. It doesn't matter if you are vegan or not, gay or straight, what your political or religious/spiritual beliefs are, or whether you're an animal rights activist or not. It just doesn't matter. The pain is the same.

We adopted Shadow when she was 14. I think it's called a "failed foster". We were fostering her and realized that no one was interested in adopting a 14 year old dog. What a miracle for us. I picked her up at a boarding place where she was in the cat area due to being quarantined while they checked her out. She was thrilled to see me and I will always remember her in the truck while on our way home coming over to me and giving me big kisses.

Shadow couldn't see well so when approached her typical reaction was to snap. I loved snuggling her face to face and letting her realize that it was me, and the snap would turn to kisses. She loved having her head rubbed and her neck scratched. She would allow us some time right next to her in the TV room but usually she would have enough of close time and give the signal that she was ready to go to the bedroom.

Her piercing bark was a great welcome after a day at work. All the other dogs would bark and she would chime in from wherever she was. Sometimes she wouldn't even get up, just bark from the bedroom.

Feeding time will be a lot quicker now as she definitely took her time while eating. The other dogs would finish in a couple of minutes and she would take about 20. Mike and I were laughing last night that Monty, one of our Yorkies, would lose his major food source, which was Shadow's bowl as he snuck in bites while she was eating.

I will miss cuddling with her in the mornings and at night, while reading before bed, sharing time with her and watching her shake her head after a scratch session and looking into her beautiful eyes. The same beautiful eyes I looked into yesterday when she left this world.

Mike and I will always remember Shadow. She was a huge part of our family, of our lives, and we will forever be grateful for the time we had with her.

I couldn't write about Shadow without reminding everyone reading that our shelters are filled with senior dogs and cats and all they want is love and a comfy place to sleep.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hugs to you both on your loss. They really are family. Thank you so much for giving Shadow such a wonderful loving home for the last years of her life.

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to your furry family member. So sorry for your loss, but so thankful that Shadow found a loving home as a part of your family during her twilight years. I am richly blessed by your blog. Sending thoughts of peace and comfort your way.

  3. What a beautiful post about a gorgeous wee dog. She clearly brought so much joy to your life as well as vice versa. I can't imagine the grief you will be feeling and dread the day I have to say goodbye to either of my dogs. Thanks for sharing Shadow's story with us and I hope your other dogs will help to ease the pain of the Shadow shaped hole left in your lives.

  4. I'm so sorry Shadow passed away. I can bet her last four years were the best of her life--she couldn't have found better parents. My heart goes out to your both--I know how special our pets are.

  5. Oh Shadow, my heart is with you all!

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. Shadow found a wonder life with you and Mike.

  7. My heart hurts for you :( I hope you can take comfort in the fact that you gave her the happiest years of her life, and I'm sure she loved you as much as you loved her!