Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ashton the (senior) dog needs a home

If you have been reading our blog you most likely have already read about Ashton. She is a nine year old cocker mix who was brought to a shelter with her "brother" after her family could not afford the two dogs any more. The brother was adopted. Ashton went into a deep depression (losing her brother, being in a cage in a noisy place)and the shelter called us asking if we would foster her just to get her out of the shelter. This was over two months ago.

And so goes the life for older dogs in shelters. Ashton has bad allergies and a chronic ear condition that requires daily cleaning. Add that to her age and her chances of finding a permanent home get even lower.

She is a love. A total love. When she looks at you she wags her tail, and just keeps wagging it. She loves to have her belly rubbed and loves to be right at your side.

Our home is filled with older dogs. We adopted Shadow when she was 14. At 18 she is plugging along and is such a huge part of our lives. Rock is 12 and Suga is 9.

Ashton needs a home. Older, senior dogs and cats just want a place to nap and a couple of good meals a day. And love. All really easy things to provide. They make wonderful companions and add so much to the home. In almost all cases they don't tear things up and are already trained to go to the bathroom outside. Yet shelters all over the country are filled with them. For many the cage at the shelter is their last stop.

If you live in the Denver area and would like to meet Ashton, just let us know. If you would like to help senior dogs or cats in your area, just swing by your local shelter and tell them you want to help. You will make their day and the animals' day. And you will be touched for sure!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm a volunteer at MaxFund and your post was so touching - thank you for all that you do for senior pets. You are truly inspirational people and the dogs need more people like you, thank you! I hope Ashton finds a forever home soon, but in the meantime, it's great to know he's loved!

  2. Such a great topic! We have two older cats now (though we adopted them both at only 1 year old each). But our next sweeties will definitely be older cats/dogs. Did you ever read the story Old Arthur? I bought it in a yard sale years ago and fell in love with it -- it's a children's book about a boy who, goes against everyone's suggestion to buy a puppy and buys a very old dog. GORGEOUS story. You'd love it. (It's out of print, but I bet you could track it down.)Author is Liesel Moak Skorpen and it's illustrated by Wallace Tripp. Now that I've written that, I think I'll do a post on it. :)

  3. Hi there! I'm the Organizer for Fort Veg*n--NoCo's Vegan and Vegetarian network. I am touched by this little girl; how can I meet her? Is she cat/chicken friendly? We have a small animal rescue farm in north Fort Collins and must have a dog that isn't going to threaten the other critters when she's around them. What's your take on her concerning this? Thx!

  4. Hi Teresa! Just saw your comment. Did we meet at the Sustainable Living Fair? I think Ashton would be awesome with other critters. She is more interested in humans than anything. She got growly once in a while with food but we feed all the dogs together and it was her first couple days with us. SHe is a total love for sure. If you want me to pass your info to her new foster family, email me at Thanks so much!