Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Target supporting bigots. Again.

I never stopped shopping at Target. Calls for a boycott after news became public about their financial support for anti-gay bigots resonated with me but I kept shopping. Then I thought I heard that they had started giving to gay organizations and would stop supporting bigots.

Just to be clear, I think people can do whatever they want with their money. If a big company (or small business) chooses to support political bigots, so be it. I can then make the choice to not buy their product or shop with them.

As Mike and I packed for vacation I began getting information that Target, through their foundation, had donated to yet another anti-gay bigot, Ken Cuccinelli, who is running for governor in Virginia (which I consider my home state).

Ken Cuccinelli doesn't like gay people. He calls us "soulless". That is pretty harsh. He has said a bunch of other things about us, including that he wants to bring anti-sodomy laws back. He believes there is only one allowable way to have sex, and that way only includes one man and one woman. I digress from my original topic, but he also says he has never had or given or received oral sex. Red flags for sure.

Mr. Cuccinelli received $3 million dollars from a right-wing PAC called the Republican Governor's Association. Target donated $50,000 to the PAC. That is a lot of money. Imagine the bigotry that can be spread with that much money.

If Target did not want to support candidates that are anti-gay, they could say so when giving the donation.

My relationship with Target is on shaky grounds. Supporting a candidate that believes so many of their customers are soulless is disgusting.

Gay people shop at Target. Lots of us shop there.

I think we should stop. And I think anyone who believes in equality or even simple kindness should stop shopping at Target.

You see, when we shop at Target we end up supporting anti-gay bigots.

Ken Cuccinelli is a bigot, and Target loves him.

I would love your thoughts. Thank you for reading!


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. It refrained from the all too frequent screaming I read these days. You presented the issue clearly and without the typical profanity that is all too pervasive in posts like this. Thanks for that.

    I've been around since the 50's, fully hetero, happily married forever. Now it's 2013 and I am still dismayed, disappointed but sadly not surprised that there is so much freak'n hate out there. It is just beyond me, and I simply cannot get my head around the concept that anyone spends any time concerning themselves with anyone else's sexual orientation. Live and let live, right? I mean that's what my mom taught me. Guess not.

    I shop at Target -it's cheaper, I save money, but I'm not loyal to the "Target" brand, I'm loyal to my need to save some dough. But if what you say is true (I love having sources that I can refer to within a blog post 'cause I'm lazy) I'll not spend another dime at Target. I don't need to save money that badly.

    1. Kudos paul and dan. I'm firing off a letter to target asking them why my partner and I should continue to patronize their store.

    2. Thanks Paul. I really appreciate that you read our blog. I read articles from the Washington Post and Progressive. I will find them. I too do my best to present only information that I can back up.

  2. Hey Dan,

    I've written letters to Target about them supporting bigots, and their response was basically "too bad, we support them because they pass laws we like".

    We've moved a lot of our purchases from Target to other places, but still... there are things we can only find there (or at Wal-Mart, and that's a place I refuse to support). So we're in a bind. I was glad to hear they were going to support equality, but now we're back to square one. :-(

    1. Hi Mauro! I miss you!. I know, it's tough. Supporting the RGA and Cuccinelli is almost the last straw for me. He is one of the worst. Sending love to you both.

  3. That does it for me. I am not gay, but I am pro compassion, no matter who gets it. Cuccinelli is a very, very awful and crazy man. I can't support his supporters, at least not financially. BTW, I love your blog. Have fun at the beach.

    1. Thanks so much for your support. I am super stoked that you enjoy the blog!

  4. I won't shop at Target, I can't help I am gay. I was born Gay. I will never shop at Target again. they take our money but don't support us. screw them.