Friday, June 14, 2013

Update on Colorado wildfires

After our post yesterday we got inundated with love, safe wishes, and desires to help.

First, please know that we are totally safe. We are 65 miles north of the fire.

It is smokey this morning and you can smell the fire. Also, we are in between the fire and where the plane tankers refuel and get fire fighting supplies, so the tankers fly right over our house.

It's heartbreaking.

For those of you who have connected with us or just want to know, here is the latest from the county Sheriff:

Two people have died

15,7000 acres burned

379 homes burned to the ground

38,000 people and 13,000 homes have been evacuated

I have read wonderful stories of animals being rescued and very sad stories of animals that did not make it. The great news is that companion animals are being treated like family, and if families were not able to gather their animals in time, volunteers went back to go get them.

If you would like to help the local humane society working so hard to support those affected, here is their information:

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (719) 473-1741
610 Abbott Lane COS, CO 80905 / 

Even if you think you will never have to evacuate, PLEASE read our last post. Mike and I think it's just a good idea to have a plan.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your concern.


  1. Thanks for the update, stay safe.

  2. My heart goes out to everyone. It breaks my heart to think of the animals (human and non-human) who didn't make it.