Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winners of our giveaway!

Whew, who knew a giveaway would take so much work!

I'm sure there are easier ways, and hopefully other bloggers will let us know how they do it.

We ran the contest for almost two weeks and had 98 of our readers enter. The only thing folks had to do to enter was send us the name of their state representative (or the similar person for those who live in Canada!). We checked every entry and let those who gave us a US Congressperson's name know that we wanted their state rep and most people revisited the info and sent us the correct name.

It took a long time to pull up everyone's state rep, and we learned a lot. Many of you were disappointed in who represents you and let us know that. Many of you were looking at their name for the first time. And many of your were excited to be able to find out who is your voice in your state capitol. We loved reading all of the comments as well as any information you provided us regarding your state rep.

We are the voices for the voiceless. State law affects so much of our daily lives, and now those of you who entered know who to voice your opinions to on the state level.

Thank you to all of you who entered.

Enough already! Did I win???

The winner of the Soya Joy soy/nut milk maker, tofu press and 20 pounds of soy beans is...

Peggy Murphy Biddle!

The winners of "The Joy of Vegan Baking" cookbooks are:

Drake Shipway

Jason Thompson

Michelle (we don't have your last name, your state assemblyman is Allan Mansoor in CA)

Andrew Watson

Suburban Snow White

YEEHOO! Winners, please email me your mailing address at and we will send you your books. Peggy, the soy milk maker/tofu press and soybeans will all be shipped from the company directly to you!

Thank you all so much. We are already thinking of our next giveaway!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thank you again so much, Gay Vegans! (I texted you separately, but wanted to leave a little Thank You here as well.) This will go to excellent use in our family! It's fun trying thinking of the impact this giveaway might have on others' becoming more involved with local politics. I know for me, it was a reminder that I had wanted to schedule a meeting with my state senator to talk about animals and how they are treated. I was told when I contacted her office sometime last year that she was a big animal advocate. I never would have known that if I hadn't called. So this giveaway reminded me to set up said meeting, as it had slipped my mind.

    Thank you again!