Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tell them what you think!

Our first ever giveaway is going well, with many of our readers and new readers finding out who represents them in their state legislature/house so they can enter our contest. That's all we have asked to enter: tell us who your state representative is. Or in Canada, who represents you in your providence's capitol.

It is easy to find out who this person. The reality though is that I would say 95% of the population does not know who represents them at the state level.

That number has decreased  a little since our giveaway began thank goodness.

Our state representatives hold  a lot of power. They need to hear from us. Seriously. As we read comments, posts and emails from people entering our giveaway, it is clear that when people find out who their state rep is not all of them are happy. We have gotten a lot of "ughs", "oh no's" and "I don't like this guy/gal".

As I have written many times, we have power. We are the voice for the voiceless. In some way I feel it is our duty to let our state representatives know what we think.

An example of this is the recent civil unions debate here in Colorado. This is not the first time our state house and state senate have debated civil unions. It will hopefully be the last as the votes are there in the state house to pass it this year. During a committee debate, a woman who represents a district just south of us gave the same bs statement that we have heard so many times as to why civil unions should not be passed.

Who elected this woman? Do people who live in her district even have any idea who she is?

The sad answer is no.

We are hoping to change this.

Tell your state representative what you think. It takes a minute or two just to send an email. Or a quick call. "Sir, I believe in felony animal cruelty laws". "Ma'am, I believe in equal rights for gay and lesbian people". 

I will continue writing about this as long as I have a blog. It is that important to me.

Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless. Thank you for supporting our blog. And thank you for entering our giveaway!

PS... If you have not entered the giveaway you can do so until noon MST on March 15th!

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