Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give to those who are making change

My day job is as a fundraiser. I was born to fundraise. I love it. This month I have been working on my yearend campaign, asking people to consider making a financial gift before the end of the year.

As you know, there are hundreds of amazing groups out there making a difference for animals, for the poor, for those persecuted, for the environment, etc.

They ALL rely on people like us to continue their amazing work.

It isn't cheap to do an undercover investigation.

Or to run a soup kitchen.

Or to feed hundreds of animals in a sanctuary or shelter.

You get the idea.

Organizations all over will be sending our year end appeals asking for a donation. Every bit helps, believe me.

Will you join Mike and I in helping these great organizations by sending them or check or going to their website and making an online donation?

There are a lot to choose from, both nationally and in your own area. Check them out. Talk about it as a family. If you have any questions about how your money will spent, give the organization a call.

You can make a difference.

Thanks for reading. And we would love to know who you are donating to! In future posts we will highlight some of the groups we'll be donating to. If you have a Facebook account, you can click to our account from our main page here to see a list of groups we have donated to.


  1. Oh boy! Love this topic! I used to play the lottery one day a month (must start doing that again!) and I always dream of supporting so many organizations once I win! That said, we've thus far supported 1) Compassionate Cooks, 2) a Chicago-based animal shelter that lost its air conditioners last year, and 3) our local farm animal sanctuary. I plan to give a donation to Our Hen House and to Mercy for Animals, both of which do phenomenal work. Also, after a very tough road to parenthood with no results, we've decided to go forward without children and have already been discussing how we can leave our money to organizations that are close to our hearts!

  2. Thanks so much! We do the same thing, support some local and some national. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful I met you this year and totally grateful for your support!

  3. Great post. I too do some local and some national. For local stuff I like to keep it very local. As a teacher I can do things that directly impact people I work with. I try to do it very low key without drawing attention to myself but I've been able able to do some small but tangible things for kids (some of whom know and some of whom never will and I'm good with that). Yesterday was the annual community food drive for The Joseph House (a local shelter) and I was able to be a community organizer by donating my time and some canned goods. I support the United Way, a local animal shelter, and some medical organizations plus The Whitman Walker clinic. LOL. It doesn't feel like so many different places until I list it. I think the thing, as Suburban Snow White said, is to support organizations close to your heart.

  4. Causes I support usually fall into one of three categories: children, animals, and worthy causes that Republicans are trying to kill! :) I have to tell you that I bought Vegan on the Cheap from you this weekend at First U, and it is a great book! My kids are excited about trying the recipes as well. Thank you!