Friday, June 13, 2014

Headed to Salt Lake City

Mike and I start our summer vacation next week. Although our destination is San Diego (no surprise) we are making several stops on the way. After an evening enjoying the hot springs at Glenwood Springs, we head to Salt Lake City.

Why on earth would two gay vegans go to Salt Lake City?

I used to think the same thing. Then I went there about ten years ago for an Amnesty International conference. Loved it.

It's a pretty progressive city.

And way vegan friendly.

We are so excited. This will be Mike's first time. And in the last ten years I think the vegan scene has exploded. Plus, Utah's marriage ban was ruled unconstitutional and although wedding were stopped for the time being I know it is just a matter of time until marriage equality becomes the law of the land.

Have you been to Salt Lake City lately? Or do you live there?

We'd love to hear from you. Only one night so basically dinner and breakfast. We'll be staying at the Hotel Monaco which is downtown.

We love road trips. And we're so excited about this one coming up.

Thanks for reading! We'll keep you posted on any incredible finds during the trip!


  1. I'm from Salt Lake City! (I am in Florida, four years now). Hotel Monaco is a beautiful place to stay.

    I'd suggest eats for dinner or breakfast at Vertical Diner (everything there is vegan and it's awesome 50's style diner). I love this place.

    A cafe called Frisch, I've never been but it looks amazing!

    Ooh and if you get a chance go to City Cakes for a treat! They have lots of delicious vegan baked goods, cakes, (some gluten-free) and coffee! Used to live a short bike-ride from here, one of my favorite places to go for a vegan treat in the area.

    Blue Plate diner has some vegan-friendly options and is up near Sugarhouse Park which is a great park to hang out, go for a walk take some pictures. There are stunning views of the mountains from there.

    There is even a raw vegan place called Omar's Rawtopia I believe in Sugarhouse (never been there).

    Another very cool place to try is Sage's Cafe vegetarian/vegan friendly. I have been here numerous times, it's awesom.

    Salt Lake City is gorgeous this time of year! Enjoy!!!

  2. You might enjoy visiting the Utah Pride Center in SLC! It's great.

    Also, the "sugarhouse" area is generally the hippest and also the most LGBT friendly.

    My favorite restaurant in SLC is Omar's Rawtopia, which is a raw food restaurant but literally the best raw food I have ever had anywhere.

    It's a paid attraction ($10 per person), but the Red Butte Gardens which are in SLC are absolutely gorgeous.

    Just some of my favorite things having lived there full time for 6 years and a multiple-times-per-year visitor for an additional 8 years!

    Text me if you need any other ideas/help when you're there!

  3. I am also from Salt Lake. Every place that has been mentioned is wonderful. Here are a few more dining places: If you find yourself a little south of the city, try Chabaar, Beyond Thai. It's on 7200 South just west of State Street. Very vegan friendly and if you like spice, this is the place for you guys. Bud's is a great little fast sandwich shop specializing in faux meat sandwiches (509 East 300 South), but I just learned they are closed until July 2nd if you are coming before then. The truly most wonderful, elegant, hip place (a little more expensive and small plates) that is totally vegan is Zest Kitchen and Bar on 275 South 200 West. The food is unbelievable and their original cocktails will knock your socks off (in case you are wearing any). Also, they have live music. Hotel Monaco is my favorite little hotel. Their cafe was great when I was just vegetarian but I'm not sure what they can do for vegans. They could probably come up with something though if you ask. It is a great restaurant. Hope you have a blast here. Salt Lake is truly a wonderful, beautiful place to live. All of the above restaurants have websites.