Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Action of the week: Write a letter

More specifically, write a letter to the editor at your local newspaper.

Almost every day you can find a story that is about something you care about. More importantly, it is about something or someone that could use your voice: an abused woman, a polluted river, a tortured dog or cat, a homeless person or a shot bull elk.

The shot bull elk example comes from a recent tragedy in which a Boulder police officer shot and killed a bull elk in a city neighborhood to the outrage of the community. Petitions have gone up, letters written and many are calling for the firing of the officer.

A letter to the editor is a fantastic way to support something or someone that you believe in. If there is an article in the newspaper about an animal that was tortured and you are outraged, write about it. Be a voice for the animal.

It seems that many people read the letters to the editor. It's a great forum to bring up issues that might be new to some readers and for people who are open to different thoughts and ideas.

And it's easy. Most newspapers are also online, and some have letter options online. One simply fills out the online form and adds the letter into the form. Other newspapers have it so you can just email a Microsoft word document to them.

I have had several letters to the editor published, from letters about gay marriage or anti-gay bigotry to letters about animals in labs or being vegan.

You never know if your letter might create a dialogue, and have someone think about something they have never thought of before.

Try it. And let me know what happens!

Thanks for reading!

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