Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vitamin D at 46

This blog isn’t just about Vitamin D or about me being 46.

The main theme is drinking the kool-aide.

As in don’t drink the kool-aide. This is an old reference and it basically means not to blindly follow or believe what someone is saying.

Whether you are at a church or synagogue, a doctor’s office, a vegan conference. Whether you are reading the benefits of eating meat, of not eating meat, the benefits of exercise or which candidate will make YOUR life better.

Don’t do it. Don’t drink the kool-aide. Listen, read, think about it, pray or meditate, talk with your closest friends, and make a decision that is best for YOU.

After 16 years of being vegan and right in the middle of the time in my life when I am consciously trying to be healthier, thanks to a dear friend I learned that there is Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. And I learned that when my soy milk states that it provides 30% of my daily need for Vitamin D, it means D2 not D3.

D3 is tough to get for vegans. Really tough. To be clear, I am still totally learning about this, so please don't take what I am saying as gospel.

I have spent hours researching this. I added Jack Norris' website as a link as he has great info on D3.

The point here is that I had no clue about Vitamin D.

And this of course leads to what other things I may not have a clue about!

Thanks for reading! And please keep me posted on things you are learning about in regards to a vegan diet. You can email me at if you don't want to leave a public comment.



  1. Medically speaking D2 and D3 work the same in the body.

    Some people say you may need more D2, or that it is faster metabolized than D3-

    But low and behold, you get D3 from the sun or even from some plants.

    5 Minutes without sunscreen in the sun in the summer will meet your daily needs for D3 because it is produced in the skin.

    Get 15 minutes stark naked in the sun in the summer and you get enough D3 for 3 months..theoretically.

    The golden oat grass produces D3, so much that cows who graze on too much of it, will calcinate their soft tissue-bad thing-vitamin d3 poisoning.

    D3 can be an issue when you are living in certain countries like alaska, norway, greenland.

    Do you think you don´t get enough D3?

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am just learning about all of this Vitamin D stuff and am getting my level tested. I never knew there was D2 and D3. Have learned a lot over the past week.