Friday, May 18, 2012

Only two weeks of vacation?

Lately I have been having a conversation with others who work in the non-profit world about vacation time.

I know, this doesn't really relate to being gay or vegan. It does relate to working for human rights and working to making the world a better place for all human beings.

In this world of "family values" and looking at for the "middle"class, why do many people still only get two weeks of paid vacation per year?

Is it a poverty issue? Meaning do those in lower paying jobs or those who are considered the working poor get two weeks and others get more?

Many questions, few answers. I believe that people should have more vacation, it's just that simple. And it seems to me, not a professional human resources guy nor an economist, that our entire society would be much better off when people have a little more time with family and friends.

I am going to continue the conversation. I am going to start asking everyone how much paid time vacation they get.

Join me. Well, join me if you believe that people should get more than two weeks of paid vacation. I say people should start off with three weeks of vacation.

Your feedback would be wonderful.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Dan,

    Technically, I get about 12 weeks of vacation per year. I work as a third-grade teacher. Many of my summers are spent taking required courses/trainings and getting next year's classroom ready, so it's not free, as so many think it is, but still. :) I have many friends who continue to teach throughout the summer. I don't however, because I find I have to recharge my batteries in non-teacher areas. It makes me so excited to return in September, refreshed and rested! Teaching a classroom of 25-30 kids is really really tiring and teacher burn-out is VERY common.

  2. At my company, you get 10 days the first year, 14 days for years 2 thru 5, then 19 days from 5 years on. There are also 7 paid holidays. I also work flex time and many of my coworkers tele-commute. The result? Happy, productive employees, about half of whom have been with the company for 10+ years. And we operate in the black. You would think employers would recognize the benefits.

  3. At my last job (with a defense contractor) I was given 3 weeks per year. The job before that (also with a defense contractor) was the best- we had unlimited vacation time! No accrual or anything, all we needed to take time off was the approval of our boss. Now, though, I'm a sad state employee, so I only get 2 weeks....