Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cruelty-Free World

In the spring of 2006 Mike and I had become fed up with always having to buy cool vegan items and accessories online. It had become a joke ordering a vegan belt and having to return one that didn't fit. Also, we knew that there were so many companies out there creating amazing vegan purses, belts, wallets, bags, etc. that if people could just see them in person they would realize that one could buy gorgeous accessories without harming animals.

Cruelty-Free World was born.

We knew we didn't want a brick and mortar shop, rather we would sell at markets and festivals. Our first step was to introduce our product line to our friends and see what they thought.  About 75 friends joined us and let us know what they thought about all of the products we were going to sell. We got wonderful feedback about price and which products people would be interested in buying.

One month later we introduced CFW to the world at the 2006 Boulder Creek Festival. Since then we made a decision to donate 100% of our profit to animal rights and human rights groups. We get to meet great people, have lots (literally thousands over the years) of conversations about veganism and support groups making the world a better place for all living beings.This has meant thousands of dollars to big, national groups as well as small, local groups and animal shelters. All by having fun selling the best vegan products.

We are totally grateful to the companies that supply us with the best vegan products: Splaff, Queen Bee Creations and Hempy's.  In the last year we have really increased our sales in vegan cookbooks, and always try to offer our favorites which now include raw and gluten-free vegan cookbooks (more about the cookbooks we sell in another post). What an incredible feeling it is when a non-veg family leaves our booth with a vegan cookbook or two! And it's even better when they email us all excited by how their meals are turning out!

This year we created knew banners that have the CFW logo but also "home of The Gay Vegans blog". I'm curious to see how that will affect foot traffic. Well to be honest, I am curious AND excited.

The 2012 Boulder Creek Festival is Memorial Day weekend in Boulder, CO. If you're in the area we would LOVE to see you! We are booth 802!

Thanks for reading! Thanks to all those who have supported Cruelty-Free World! And if you might be able to come and say hi in Boulder let us know: vegandude@msn.com


  1. That food looks awesome!!! Best of luck with your business!

  2. Wish the Gay Vegans lived in Boston! :) LOVE the new picture!

  3. Great meeting you tonight at Boulder Creek Festival; burr. Let's keep in touch. Have vegan site: first last name dot com. Long time vegan: 35+ years; hubby 35 years free of epilepsy in 6 weeks! Mainly do raw plant based, but yes vegan all the way!

  4. I see you have a booth at VegFest; I can't wait to check your awesome vegan goodies out and meet you!

  5. We are so excited about Veg Fest! We'll be there all weekend! I think it's booth 52!

  6. It was great meeting you both and thank you Dan for the suggestion about the French Toast! I gave you guys a shout-out on my blog; I can't wait to see where CFW will pop up next!

  7. It was so nice meeting you too! Thank you very much for your kindness!