Saturday, February 20, 2016

Some of our (LA) favorite things!

Zuma Beach.

Since I created The Gay Vegans blog I have written a post at the end of the year to promote people, places and things that have really turned me on during the past year. It's always been a blast, and this year feels even more fun as it is our first December in southern California.

Remember that as a blogger I promote items that we love and do not accept items to try or to blog about.

Here we go!


This product surprised both of us. We typically try new vegan products but seldom think that we have tried something that we absolutely love. VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart blew our socks off.

Sun Cafe

Our new adventure living in Los Angeles has introduced us to many incredible places that serve tasty vegan food. Sun Cafe was an old favorite from when we would visit LA. Now we have been to their new spot in Studio City and experienced true hospitality with a serving of delish vegan food. We love Sun Cafe.

Zuma Beach

Our favorite beach, hands down. Worth the further drive to Malibu and a staple for our weekends and days off.

Veggie Grill

Vegan fast food. All over southern California including Pasadena, the one we frequent. Will do a restaurant review soon.

Avocado toast

Thanks to the Vegan Mos, this has become a staple in our home. I use vegan butter, avocado, nooch, pepper and paprika. Delish.

Griffith Park

Incredible park just north of downtown LA. Tons of hiking with incredible views, and you can even hike to the Hollywood sign!

Los Angeles

What a city. And an area. Seven months here and we love it. If you are ever going to come for a visit and need recommendations, let us know!

More to come! Thanks for reading!

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