Monday, October 12, 2015

Our neighborhood bees are in trouble

We moved from Colorado to the Los Angeles area back in July and are still settling in. We love all that LA has to offer and rarely have we missed at least one beach day per week.

Back in Colorado we owned a quarter of an acre and had a huge garden and little planted areas throughout the yard. Our yard was super bee friendly and throughout the spring through the fall we had hundreds of bees. We loved them and felt that we were doing something positive to support the dwindling bee population.

Something troubling we have noticed here is a constant flow of dead or dying bees. Not healthy, walking slowly, unable to fly and within a day we find dead. The first time I noticed this I thought it was a fluke but now I have realized that in our yard we have yet to see a healthy bee.

I wonder why.

This blog post I invite you to let us know what you think. We live in the north east area of Los Angeles. We live in an area that has plenty of trees and floral, and is only one block to where the San Gabriel mountains begin.

Do any of you know about bee populations in the LA area? Do you know what we can do to help bees here?

I would be grateful for any information.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Not consuming honey which is destructive to bee populations the way it is harvested; not using pesticides; some more tips at

    1. Thanks. We already do those two. Will check out your list.

  2. My husband and I noticed this a couple of years back and have been planting flowers in our balcony garden to help them out (we live in the Downtown area). One thing I've noticed is that there are plenty of heathy bees in the South Central area where people have gardens. Who would have thought?
    Some communities have a neighborhood garden with flowers and vegetables; if you drive around deep parts of L.A you should be able to find some.

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