Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vegan guide for Creating Change activists coming to Denver!

Creating Change is an annual conference of LGBTQ activists sponsored by The National Gay and lesbian Task Force. This year it is in Denver and brings 3,000+ activists from all over.

I am super excited to be going, and to be presenting a session on fundraising.

I wanted to offer a list of places to eat vegan near the host hotel for activists attending.

The host hotel is at the Sheraton, on the east side of downtown Denver.

Right in the hotel is the Yard House, which uses Gardein chicken for any of their dishes. Just make sure the rest of the dish is vegan!

Two blocks up 16th Street Mall, in the Denver Pavilions, is Native Foods. All vegan and one of our favorites. They serve lunch and dinner. By the way, I have a stack of $5.00 coupons if you'd like one. That takes care of half of most entrees and I'd be thrilled to give you one.

Right across from the Pavilions at 16th and Welton is Appaloosa Grill. They have an awesome tofu Philly with a bunch of other vegan options. Also a bar.

Within walking distance (a longer walk) are City, O' City (vegetarian) and WaterCourse Foods (all vegan). Part of the Denver food scene for over 15 year WaterCourse recently went all vegan. They also have a delivery service and you can get their food, and vegan milkshakes, brought right to your room (for a cost of course!).

Wanna try some creative and delicious vegan sushi, check out Blue Sushi Sake Grill. Love their sushi. Just hop on the 16th Street Mall shuttle and get off at Wazee. Blue is between Wazee and Wynkoop on the south side of 16th Street.

If you want an incredible dining experience and would like to check out our favorite restaurant in town, go to Linger. Probably an $8.00 cab ride but you can also take the 16th Street Mall Shuttle all the way west and then walk. It would be a great adventure through downtown Denver. Make sure you make a reservation. Not a vegan place, but amazing vegan food!

About 1 1/2 miles south on Broadway is Sweet Action ice cream. They always have two vegan flavors. And then around the corner from them is Nooch Vegan Market!


Native Foods

City O' City

WaterCourse Foods

Blue Sushi Sake Grill


Sweet Action Ice Cream

Nooch Vegan Market


  1. When is the Creating Change Conference?
    Thanks guys💝

  2. Oh man~ so bummed to have missed that this was happening in Denver this year?! We totally have friends/family in that area. It's so awesome that ya'll are brought veganism to this! Excited to hear how it went!