Saturday, November 15, 2014

Your first vegan Thanksgiving

Me and Suga at one of our Thanksgiving meals (we have dinner outside when the weather is nice).

In the past few months I have connected with many folks who are newly vegan and who are entering into their first holiday season as vegan. I remember my first holidays being vegan and thought I would write some words of support.

Many folks don't like Thanksgiving. I totally LOVE Thanksgiving. I do not celebrate the day in the same way that culture has passed on to me. I celebrate it as a chance to enjoy a day off watching my husband delight in creating a feast for people we love, and celebrating friends of ours who are family.

For Thanksgiving, there are vegetarian and vegan groups all of the country that host some type of meal, whether it's a vegan potluck or a full-on vegan buffet that you pay for. Whether you are going to someones home for a meal or not, I think at least swinging by one of these events and getting to know people is great. You would get to eat amongst your own and may even meet folks who you want to be in community with.

Most folks serve turkey at Thanksgiving. As disgusting as that might seem to you, it is still very normal for many people. If you end up at a dinner where turkey is being served, don't rip your clothes off and scream "I'd rather go naked than partake in a meal that includes a tortured being!". Simply pass on the turkey and go for the vegan items. If there are no vegan items re-read the preceding paragraph.

Keeping this thought in mind, many family and friends will make sure there are vegan options for you when inviting you to the meal. I have always had plenty to eat at Thanksgiving dinner, even when my husband wasn't cooking it. If your host asks you to bring a vegan dish, go all out and bring something that will blow the minds of all of the other guests.

You can also plan to host Thanksgiving dinner at your home. Mike and I have been doing that for many years and we love it. And I am pretty sure our guests do too.

If you decided to become vegan for the animals, remember that you are their voice. Many of you will be at a Thanksgiving dinner where other guests have no clue what being vegan is, or means. This is your chance to be a loving, compassionate voice for those who have no voice.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. We will be spending Thanksgiving with our group of vegans we lovingly call "The Vegan Mafia" here near Ithaca, NY. We always have a variety of amazing food and spending time with our "chosen family" makes it even better. Happy Thanksgiving!