Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back to work!

My time being unemployed came to an end this week! As I had written about in another blog, this past Monday I started my new job at an agency that serve youth experiencing homelessness. It is an amazing gig and I am thrilled (and feel privileged) to be working there.

The week flew by and I just realized this morning that I had not written a blog post all week! Yikes! I have learned that the first rule of blogging is to be consistent in ones posts. It's not tat easy being brand new in a job, and I even more excited to be back in my blog world as there is so much going on!

First things first. My "Can you spare 47 minutes?" blog post in celebration of my 47th birthday ended up supporting so many awesome things. Dozens of our readers wrote me telling me what they would do during their 47 minutes. So much volunteering! I am truly grateful as this is how we all make the world a better place for living beings.

Mike and I celebrated my birthday with friends at our favorite restaurant, Linger. Dinner was amazing as usual and then the server brought our this beautiful birthday cake and so the celebration continued! Dear friends, delish food and a wonderful environment for a celebration. Who could ask for anything more.

The month I experienced being unemployed wasn't always easy. I am fortunate that I had many options, an incredible support system and quickly was interviewing. I know it's not that way for everyone and I have a much deeper understanding of what it's like for people who are unemployed and searching for a job. One thing we can all do is to reach out and support them. Take them to lunch. Remind them that we are on their side.

And so my journey continues and I am fortunate to share all of this in the blog world. I love our blog, and I love all of those who read it, support it and engage in conversation (and sometimes debate!) around it.

Thank you for reading! More to come!


  1. Congratulations! How great to be back doing something that matters...for MONEY!

    Take an unemployed duck - HUMAN- to lunch!

  2. Congrats on the new job!! Working with kids/youth is the best gig out there!!

    I've been SO bad about blogging lately!! I guess that happens when you are pregnant and tired! haha :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! It's tough staying focused for sure!