Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why we ask you to vote for President Obama

Mike and I voted today!

I am starting this post with a line from within the post. It's towards the end and I want to make sure that anyone who even browses this post will read it:

The simple reality is that for gay people and women (especially poor women), life will be much different under a Romney/Ryan administration than under President Obama.

I clearly remember the day Mike and I went to vote in 2008. I was ecstatic to vote for Barack Obama. Election night was a thrill.

There were a lot of promises. I have heard them before. People have been talking about ending the ban on gays in the military for a long time. That's just one example.

I believed that he would close Guantanamo. I believed he would work for equality. I believed that the economy would get better.

It all hasn't come to be. And I am once again ecstatic to go vote for President Obama. Because we have a ton of readers in several of the "toss up" states, I wanted to write a blog asking you to vote for President Obama.

There is a huge difference between the President and Mitt Romney, more so with social issues. There are many reasons why I am voting for President Obama and not Mitt Romney:

I believe the economy will get better with the President's continued leadership.

I believe we will not get involved with wars we cannot afford with President Obama.

I believe that President Obama honestly wants to make our education system stronger, that he believes in strong, vibrant, innovative public schools.

President Obama believes in equality and will not attack my family or my marriage.

I believe President Obama (and his wife!) truly are concerned for veterans and the care they receive after military service.

President Obama ended the ban on gays and lesbians in the military.

A vote for President Obama is a vote for tolerance (in many forms). A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for intolerance (in many forms).

I believe Mitt Romney is anti gay. His desire is to attack to my marriage by making it unconstitutional.

I believe Mitt Romney has no regard for women in regards to their own health and choices.

I believe Mitt Romney would cave to the religious zealots in our country.

Mitt Romney has said (when he was asked in Colorado) that he does not believe in civil unions for gays and lesbians if they (the civil unions) are "too close" to marriage.

Most of Mitt Romney's charitable giving was to the Mormon Church. The same church that funded Proposition 8 in California.

I believe that Mitt Romney seriously believes in what he said about the 47%.

I understand that many people support Mitt Romney for a variety of reasons and I also understand that many will disagree with my reasons. The simple reality is that for gay people and women (especially poor women), life will be much different under a Romney/Ryan administration than under President Obama. Not just different, Progress made towards equality will falter and the level of freedom for gay and lesbian people and for women will decrease.

I have heard from many people we know who want to vote for Romney, a third-party candidate or who will not vote at all. Please reconsider, and vote for President Obama. Your vote could mean the difference between an administration that fully supports equality and one that fully believes that gay people should not have equal rights (and that's putting it nicely).

Meanwhile, as we count down to election day, if we disagree let's disagree with love and kindness. There is a huge amount of vitriol out there and I know that me, Mike and our readers do not need to be a part of that.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Absolutely! I have been trying to get this across to so many people for months now. Many of my "friends" don't understand that a vote for Romney, is a vote against SO MANY people's rights. They don't believe it to be a big deal. I just really can't stand that it's okay with so many to knowingly vote for someone who wants to not only take support away from the GLBT community, but TAKE RIGHTS AWAY! And it's not just us, it's women all over this country! It's the middle class! It's anyone on public assistance! I just want to shake people and scream wake up! Romney will destroy America and take us back to the economic policies of Bush, and the social policies of the 1950's!

    Kudos to you for standing up and speaking out, but not wanting to get into the childish fighting that is so prevalent right now. There should be more people like you in this world. Thanks for being you. :)<3

  2. Thanks for this article!

  3. Oh my goodness thank you! You're like the second person I've seen understand that President Obama can't fix an 8-10 year deficit in four years which was caused by a Republican! If anything it will probably take twice as long to fix it, hopefully a little less because we'll be routing for him! :)
    But I agree with you completely on everything you pointed out. I'm going to mail in my ballot tomorrow, and it's for Obama to remain as President of course!
    Best wishes to each other and President Obama!

  4. Romney scares the hell out of me. Yes to Obama. Appreciate the points.