Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Volunteering at an animal shelter

Sparks is the cutest little chihuahua currently living at the Max Fund clinic. I have been volunteering at the Max Fund for years and am there almost every week. About a month ago while visiting with one of the staff, she told me about Sparks and how I just had to meet him. The reason: he hates men.

I'm always up for a challenge and after being introduced to Sparks I realized that Heidi was spot on. Sparks wanted nothing to do with me, other than bite me as hard as he could (which he did not).

Yesterday I went and spent time with Sparks again. I try to visit him at least a couple of times a week. Little by little he is becoming more trusting of me and actually lets me kiss him now. He still growls and he still lifts hi lip once ina  while, but he is defintiely coming along. I am so excited because the way he was meant that it would be even more difficult to adopt him.

You might be thinking that this is all great but what about volunteering?

Well, as the title says, volunteering rocks. And no matter where you live, there are opportunites. They can be at your local shelter or at a sanctuary if you live near one. The options are enldess and every moment you spend volunteering honestly makes the world a better place. When I first moved to Denver I liked volunteering at the Max Fund because the training was only an hour and volunteers can just show up to work. That made it easy for me and 11 years later I am still volunteering there.

In those years we have fostered dozens of dogs, cleaned lots of cages, miles and miles of walks, and tons of hours just loving on animals who had never known love or compassion or havdn't felt it in a long time.

Those animals all have changed my life.

And remember, The Gay Vegans are planning a couple free spay and neuter days and we will need lots of volunteers! So keep that in mind if you live in the Denver area!


  1. How wonderful to see the changes in little Sparks! One of our dogs (all rescues, of course!) came from a puppy mill and was extremely scared of my husband. Well, of me too- but not as much. We ended up enrolling her in the prison training program, and when she came out she was soo much better! Less scared, especially of men, and much more confident. We volunteer with NMDR- it's a wonderful feeling helping those dogs!

  2. Hi guys. I'm a very new vegan (21 days and counting)here in Boulder. I really enjoy reading your blog. I have been vegetarian for 15 years and finally am taking the vegan plunge. And I thought being a gay veggie made me a little unique.... Anyway, I'd be happy to volunteer when you do the spay/neuter clinic or if you have other events and need help. I really need to start doing my part on that end. I just don't know how to contact you so that I don't have to publicly post my contact info. Thanks! Dave.

    1. Dave! Thank you for connecting with us. My email is Dan