Monday, March 5, 2012

The gay, vegan road trip

This past summer was when I decided to create The Gay Vegans blog. I had been writing a fundraising blog for over a year and after deciding I wanted to keep that just about fundraising and not my personal life, I created The Gay Vegans.

Mike and I have amazing families. Families that are scattered all over the country. SO last June we decided to go visit Mike's mom near Daytona Beach, FL, and we drove. Yep, round trip it was 5,050 miles!

We love road trips and this one was no exception. We went from Denver to Memphis, TN and visited the National Civil Rights Museum which I had wanted to do for a long time. If you ever have a chance to visit that museum we highly recommend it! And lucky us, as we exited the museum (the annex part across the street from the main museum) we saw a chicken and waffle place. They wouldn't have anything vegan would they? They sure did! They had Boca crumbles on any salad as well as Boca burgers, and they had fries and fried okra. Oh, and SWEET TEA! Oh my, it was perfect. A nice vegan lunch with amazingly friendly people on a 101 degrees day with my husband and sweet tea!

We stopped in Jackson,MS both on the way there and back. The reason was Rainbow Natural Grocery. On our way south we stopped and had incredible vegan food for lunch. Their in-house restaurant was closed but they make a bunch of items before they close and sell them as grab-n-go for the rest of the day. We grabbed a lot and stayed. And feasted! All of the food was so good we just had to swing by on our way home. And, like every place we ate at throughout the south, everyone was so friendly. We might have doubled the population of gay vegans in Mississippi while there, but we loved it!

More on this road trip another post. The reason I wanted to write this particular post was to encourage our readers to take a road trip and, for our vegan or vegetarian readers, to not worry about food as there are a ton of choices out there.

By the way, our next trip is in June to Michigan, via St. Louis and Chicago!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Chicago has some wonderful vegan restaurants. I hope you have a great time! We've always had good luck on the road.