Monday, December 19, 2011

My favorite foods Part II

In trying to keep the last blog post from going out of control, I decided to break up our favorite foods into two posts. Remember, these are not in order, just foods that we love!

Daiya cheese. A staple in our fridge. I have heard some people don't like it at all but we love it. Great for a quick quesadilla, to add in a tofu scramble, and of course for Mike's famous vegan enchiladas.

Eat Pastry cookie dough. Vegan cookie dough in your fridge, to use whenever you wish. You can bake three cookies or up to 16 with one of the containers. Chocolate Chunk is our favorite. We love to bake by scratch yet we don't always have time. Plus, although we haven't met them yet, we love everything we have learned about the couple who started this company.

Brazil Nuts. New to us. We just started eating these this year. Delish and nutritious!

Brussels Sprouts. One of Mike's all-time favorite foods and I love them too! So many ways to cook them, I love them roasted.

Kale Chips. Expensive but an awesome snack. Mike loves the nacho Rhythm ones.

Apples. One of Mike's all-time favorite foods for sure. So many kinds to choose from, and here in Colorado we have so many kinds to choose from.

We hope all of you have the chance to try some of the foods and products we have listed in these two posts. We would also love to hear about your favorite vegan foods!

Thanks for reading!


  1. have you tried grilled kale chips? just brush the kale with a little olive oil and season. grill it briefly on each side and you have inexpensive and utterly delicious crunchy kale snacks!!!

  2. Hi! Daiya cheese retweeted your latest blog post, and I wanted to post a recipe for kale chips I used all the time:
    I heat my oven up at 350 and bake for 12-14 minutes, but you can play around and see what works best with your oven. I LOVE kale chips!!

  3. Thanks so much Amy! We will try this for sure!

  4. Felt sorry for myself because I can't get the cookie dough here but it prompted me to make my own today. Everybody wins! :)