Thursday, June 16, 2011

Premier post for The Gay Vegans

After working on my Fundraising for Free! blog for almost a year now, I decided to create The Gay Vegans blog in an effort to keep Fundraising for Free! totally focused on the world of fundraising and to have a venue where I can right about equality, compassion, and the occasional (or not so occasional!) political and spiritual thoughts that run through my mind.

So welcome to the premier blog post of The Gay Vegans.

All of you know what the Gay part of this means. If you follow Fundraising for Free! you know that I am gay and married to the love of my life, Mike. We live in Lakewood, CO.

The Vegan part might be a bit unclear for some of you. My definition of vegan is one who consumes no animal products. That means no meat or fish but also no dairy, eggs, or honey. I have been vegan since January of 1996. I decided to go vegan because of the way animals are treated to become food and I did not want to have anything to do with animal cruelty. I will inevitably get more into this through blog posts.

So The Gay Vegans? Well, the title refers to Mike and I. This blog will be about my experiences with being gay and being vegan, two communities of people that don't always mix (and at times judge each other). Another reason for this title is because this is how I refer to Mike and I many times, and also the fact that in our world there are not many gay male vegans around. In the broader world there are, and I will introduce some of them as the blog continues. I would also like to add that this will definitely be a work in progress.

Another inevitable result of this blog is that there will be many differing opinions in what I write about. Please know (and if you are a current reader of my fundraising blog you'll already know this) that everything I write is my own opinion or experience, sometimes shared with experiences and opinions of my husband. I never mean to offend in any way, and my life experiences tell me that what I experience as a gay vegan is not necessarily what other gay people or vegans or both experience.

I appreciate you reading this, and hope to keep you interested as I write more posts. The huge and incredible feedback I have received from readers of Fundraising for Free! have encouraged me and inspired me and my hope is that The Gay Vegans will be just as well received.

Thank you!

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